Teaching. Living Love. Allowing it to Flow Through You and All Around You

Teaching. Living Love. Allowing it to Flow Through You and All Around You

Love is the greatest force in the universe, it’s who you are. It’s a divine consciousness, it holds within its own space, the ability to heal. And at the same time, it also holds within itself, the ability to destroy. It’s not how you use it, though, or how you abuse it, or even how you work with it. It’s about how you know, and how you experience yourself within it, and how you allow it to flow to you, through you, all around you.

This is what we call living Love.

And so therefore, it’s interesting that so many people package it, and commoditise it, then they trade it. And then it becomes conditional love. It is the simplest fact that if you are conditional in any way with another, it’s not love. It becomes expectation. And all expectations, as you know, are breeding grounds for disappointments. And so each feeds upon each other, often in a sort of a feeding frenzy, wherein there is no room for anything else. It drowns you in its sorrow, and it drowns you in its pain, and it keeps you in almost land.

So please stop, just pause for a moment and think love is love, is love, is love. And in this space, there is no room for anything else. Anything else is eager, and you are here on earth to be your Love. It’s both a responsibility and an accountability to all that is to be really, truly and to absolutely express it. Because when you’re in that space, you’re able to love without fear of loss. You just love and then you move forward in your love, you don’t stop for anyone. You don’t wait for anyone. Because if they loved you back in the same way that you love them, they would work hard to keep up with you. But either way, whether they do or they don’t, really doesn’t much matter, you love anyway. And in the light of this, you stop nothing you love from deep within that the inner heart that’s your space of spirit and you express this far, far, far outside of you to then have it be brought back because it’s your energy will come back naturally and absolutely through the many different reflections of love, equally without condition. Because love is love is love is love.

So allow it then to arise through you to express through you to hold you strong, allow it to guide you, to define you to listen with it, to work with it to create understanding. And you make a promise to yourself. To never be afraid of it or to never allow it to hold you back from anything.

These are just mind games. You learn from it. And from this space of humble being. You create wonderful adventures, amazing adventures, joyful, fun and laughter to with those who feel the unconditional joy of your being and you trust me you will never regret it.







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