Hearts to Heart with Anna. Working in Japan – Clearing Energy, Eyeballing Darkness and Allaying Real Fears.

For me, Japan is exceptionally culturally rich and advanced in very many ways, I love it working and visiting here and find Japanese people to be open, warm-hearted and great fun to be with once we get to know each other. In the light of all that they have been through, not just in recent years – decades too – I find it touching to be amongst their understanding and living of a community consciousness that is largely forgotten in other countries.

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Mt Fujiyama, affectionally known as Fuji-san, home of the Japanese sun goddess Ameratsu and spiritual home of the Japanese people

One of the things that most concerns people here is the expectation of another huge earthquake, they are worried especially for their friends and families and a part of my work here was to give tools to manage situations if/when they do occur. Being able to complete on a spiritual – or inner – level means you can let go and move on, into a future that is less burdened by memories and therefore more clear. Of course, the way energy works is that when you do it for yourself, you effectively do it also for the other party, and that is a great gift all ’round.

I feel very privileged to be doing this Work with people of many different cultures and in many different lands. Being able to see both light and dark clearly, in neutrality is a great gift in terms of healing. It’s all about bringing light into dark spaces at many different levels and in many different ways. I’m often called to face the darkness full on, and hold steady in this without guarantee of outcome – nor requiring it neither. Just holding space for energy to shift. In some instances too, knowing that darkness always feeds off fear, my own then has to be placed to one side so I’m able to look fully forward at whatever is coming.

Even though darkness cannot exist in the light does not mean that sometimes there isn’t a face-off, and I have to trust that if I’m called to deal with a situation, then that’s what I need to do and just get on with it irrespective. The one thing I can make sure of absolutely is that I am energetically protected, there is no excuse for going into any situation, face off or not, without my shields up. Once this is done, energy is just energy, with awareness it can be calibrated and recalibrated, whatever its frequency and intent. Or left alone.

For your own energetic connection, please do this meditation >> Personal Protection Meditation.

“Anna,” Lilli said to me when we were in private retreat at the foothills of Mt Fuji, before we commenced this Japan journey. “Can Sei-chan sleep in your room? There’s a funny energy in hers.”

“Can’t she clear it?” I asked. It’s quite simple to do. “No,” came the reply. “She’s afraid.”

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Part of The Nazareine anchor group in Japan, before we stepped forward for the current tour. Blue is the colour of The Nazareine and we were all both surprised and delighted when the ray was caught by one of our cameras

Clearing personal space in environmental energy has to be a priority for everyone, especially for those of us who travel a lot. ‘Stuff’ gets left behind in the air, energy is energy and often hangs around too. As a matter of responsibility I always clear each hotel room I stay in so I don’t have to sleep in someone else’s energy, and take my own with me, with thanks, when I leave.

One year in Japan I had a hotel room with a very creepy energy, just being in it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I decided not to change rooms, that whatever was there would have to face me rather than the other way around and in that light we could co-exist for the duration.

“I thought you wouldn’t mind dealing with it,” Lilli said after we had left. “So I let you have that room.” I did deal with it, by making sure I was energetically protected whilst I was there, but did not feel called to clear it. It’s important to check beforehand. With spiritual energy, everything just ‘is’, environmental energy and karmic destiny is irrevocably linked with the human experience and all called to be present, each with their level of interpretation of Self. Change has to be invited or requested and Spirit is never imposed nor coerced. I found out later that city had been totally and deliberately flattened in the Second World War, likely then there are remains of grief, lost souls or soul remnants wandering about, beyond that I didn’t feel called to explore nor rescue.

“There’s a part of the Kansai Plain where everyone on the train falls asleep for about 10 minutes,” Lilli said to me the first time we travelled together on the shinkansen through the area. It felt to me like there had been a lot of war, over a very long period of time and, always a font of knowledge, Lilli agreed.

Interesting but no time for a quick history lesson as we were approaching the area. I checked with the overseeing nature deity. Was it appropriate for me to clear this energy? If not, no worries, it might require something quite different, for example a more earth-based energy like that which works through Japanese (and other) shamans. If so, I would be told and so would the Japanese shaman, so the work can be done, divine right order working through us both.

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With Lilli and Izumi on retreat

“Yes. Please,” came the reply. Time for new energy. New life. I worked quickly, finishing just before the train entered that space of dull, heavy energy, and we both watched other passengers’ response. No one fell asleep. Goody, I said to Lilli, now we just have to wait a bit to see if the energy sets. We do the work in integrity with All That Is, but we’re not responsible for how it’s received and taken forward. For healing to be permanent, the receiver must do their part too, so they can quickly shift into growth. That’s a major Law of the Universe and I often wonder whether it’s designed so that healers don’t give give give to those who just want a regular quick fix without taking their share of the responsibility for permanent resolution.

Some months later Lilli wrote to say that during another shinkansen journey through the same area, people stayed awake and continued about their business. Good then. Life has to go on, this time in a different clarity for all concerned.

For Life to work, for us to feel fulfilled, change has to be determined and corresponding spiritual energy must be integrated with our everyday lives, so it becomes ‘as well as’ rather than ‘instead of’ – the consciousness of ‘inclusion’. In this new cycle specifically it means that we need to call forth experience of either new things, or old things in new ways, deciding what these might be, and then give ourselves tools to fulfill our vision. We then have to practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Practice only means that we prioritise whatever we need in order to create new structure so energy flows deliberately in different ways and change creates itself. We practice until we know that the energy has set and it becomes ‘second nature’, a different, often more uplifted, consciousness, similar to how we learn and then become proficient at riding a bike or driving a car. Nothing happens in five minutes, especially if we don’t pay attention to it. We often work to change our response to situations that have occurred not just in this lifetime, in many others too because they have become imprinted upon our soul. It takes time, more than this, it takes commitment, because we are effectively working with inner space and we have to be serious about it.

Serious, yet light-hearted, that represents our connection with the light already in all our hearts. And we need to remember to have fun whilst doing it, because if we don’t have fun, if we can’t play together, then what’s the point of it all, right?

Anyway, people who are having fun together don’t usually fight.

Whatever you wish, or calls to you, though, is just wonderful, as long as you’re happy. For me, for now, in the midst of and after exceptionally busy days, we make the time to share the love, share the joy of each other and our time together by learning more about each other, our dreams, experiences, families, cultures, food – all in the spirit of Unconditional Community Consciousness, and the Love that we all inherently are.


Enjoyed your practice? Here’s another one to protect your home >> Placing Protective Shields Around You.

Please let me know how you get on and what you experienced.

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