Staying Curious Propels Your Growth

For me, Life is so Joyful because I ask a lot of questions and I go out and I seek answers, I seek answers that resonate with me. Then if the question itself leads to another question, it takes me deeper and deeper into the different layers of life.

That is a fantastic exploration because the inspiration never ends. There are many interesting layers to question, just to know, to see life in lots and lots of different ways.

If we are willing to immerse in it, explore it, explore ourselves through it, to know ourselves deeper, it doesn’t mean you have to sit there and have intense conversations all the time, it just means that you’re completely present in the human experience, recognising where you are, where people are, making a choice whether you want to engage with them or not.

Where do you want to put your attention? Where do you want to put your focus?

Everyone can be resourceful if they want to. And if they don’t want to, you have a choice? Do you want to engage in that moment or not?

For me, it keeps you alive. It keeps the world interesting. And it makes life’s journey an exploratory one.

And out of that, comes Joy. I meet really interesting people, most of whom have the same level of curiosity as myself. And we have really, really interesting conversations. And we have very interesting explorations.

And we explore Spirit together, and we explore humanity together.

Right now, choice is very profound. What do you choose, do you choose to focus on the Light and the curiosity, or do choose to focus on all the old stuff?

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