Choosing Where to Place Your Energy in the New Cycle

What most people don’t remember, is that we can all be resourceful. When we are willing to think outside the box, you will begin to see the solutions to some of the problems.

Most of all though, everyone has been so focused, so afraid and there is so much noise going on. What we have forgotten is to laugh. I think when we laugh, it gives the whole of us a big sort of energy wash, and you know, things become lighter, and we become lighter. Then somehow, those burdens don’t seem to be so heavy, perhaps they are not burdens at all because we see the lighter side. And when you are able to focus on the lighter side, you know, we work on the basis that where thought goes, energy follows immediately. And absolutely.

It’s about choosing where you’re going to put your energy.

As the old structures falling down and we need to stand up for change, maybe we consider that the old-world structure didn’t work for us very much in the past. It didn’t work for a lot of people and that doesn’t matter, because it was an old comfortable structure, we continued with it. But now is the time to say, Well, that didn’t work, what can we do that is different?

In the new energy cycle, so many of us have felt in the last few weeks that there has been a new dawn breaking.  I have shared frequently the poem from Tagore, ‘Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark”

When there’s a knowing that there’s going to be a dawn, then you become the dawn yourself.

So therefore, perhaps there is no need to role model anything, perhaps the situation is that we just focus on new things, new beginnings, how to do new things in new ways, or old things in new ways.

And therefore, we just be ourselves and we focus on the light in our heart.

Simple really.


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