Underneath All That Hate and Horsetrading, There Lies the Seeds of Love. It’s What You Focus On That’s Important.

You know, everyone reading this is an infinite Being with a heart of Gold.

Yes, it’s true.

As well, looking beyond the obvious, everyone too is an infinite Being with a heart of Gold.

Given all of the above, I’ve been thinking about how our world got into the pickle it currently is in.

And boy, what a pickle …..

Wherever you look, you are surrounded by conflict. On every side. Hate, even.


Or, people escaping from, or seeking to escape from conflict often caused by hate. Terrible, horrible suffering around, in many places around our world.

And you have others trying to make sense out of it all.

Sense out of Non-Sense.

Here’s the thing though.

Hurt people hurt people, it’s as simple as that. And hurt people hate easily, because inside they feel pain.

Have you ever heard the old saying – I can’t remember from which culture – that the one who’s left out, who hurts, will burn the village down just to feel the warmth of the fire?

We are here, now.

Looking around, you might be feeling handcuffed in all of this. There might also arise the thought too that you are powerless – you might also be thinking, “What can one “small” individual do against all this Darkness?”

But wait!

Yes! There IS something you can do. You start by connecting to the energy of Compassionate Love.

Firstly, just one person doing one thing consistently ultimately joins energy with others all doing the same thing – you’re the same frequency so your energy will meet somewhere, somehow.

You see, one reed might be able to be bent, many reeds together thought cannot be bent. Not at all.

Remember also this. Secondly, you are not small. No, Not when you look within at your infinite and eternal Self.

This means that within, you are Everything.

Your next step then is to remember Universal Law.

Foremost Law is this >> “Where thought goes, energy follows. Immediately and absolutely”.

So……. in the light of this, right now more than ever, you need start first by holding your mind strong. In turn, this establishes strong will.

This then is a point of courage for you who choose peace and forward momentum in the energy of Harmony, Simplicity and Love. Your focus is just to hold this space, that’s all.

When you’ve held this space, energy naturally moves within this focus and you can then grow both this and within this. You’ll receive new concepts, ideas, next steps here.

You do hold the space of Harmony-Simplicity-and-Love anyway, because it’s what you can do. And you feel this to be right – for you. A small part of service that is invisible, but potent nevertheless.

Likely, you’ll feel pushed by those others who do not believe that they too can make a difference, this means, to influence change each in their own way. They only add their opinion – and not much else – to …. whatever….. (usually blah-blah).

To hold anything else in mind right now is only to feed into problems, not solutions.

We have plenty of the foregoing.

You see, the Beginning of Spiritual Law is that all relationships are the basis of creation, foundation of different dimensions and universes. There are many different pieces all interlocking together to make One harmonious (preferably) whole.

Think about it.

As you proceed on your Life journey, the foremost tool that lights the way is your mind. It either expands your personal universe, or it doesn’t. It’s either focused on one ball, or many. On Love, or on fear.

Or on ….. whatever……And whatever you focus on, you bring into Being. Because this is the job of the mind.

All thought, understanding – everything around and within you – happens because of Mind. Different people will have different perspectives of the same experience because of their mindset, which in turn is tuned by their experiences (called memories) as well as their emotions. And other themes too, but let’s keep it simple here.

Thoughts are pure energy, whether they are expressed or not. Because when you create a thought, it has enormous impact first upon your own mind, then on your body, and then on the body of environment around you that then becomes the Body of Experience, both collective and individual. And so on and so forth.

What you think therefore has a very real effect upon Life within and around you. And if the mind is closed, locked, or unable to think for itself (too lazy, flabby or whatever), or can see only through its own, narrow lens, you start to have disharmonious situations otherwise known as problems.

Which brings us back to where we are today in our world.

A mess, with obvious dereliction of leadership where expected.

Everyone of course has their own karmic journey.

Therefore you look within and become your own leader.

Whatever you are experiencing, wherever you are in the world, please do everyone one huge kindness today.

Stop focusing on problem/s, start focusing on solution/s.

There’s been enough blah-blah in our world recently to last forever. Too many opinions about what others “should” do (blah blah). Some pretty hypocritical behaviour too in terms of “Do what I say, not what I do”.

I’ve had enough. Haven’t you?

Reconnect to the energy of Love, then, start scanning your mind for (re)solution, and don’t allow anyone to move you out of this space, however much they try.

Within this, motivate your ability to truly listen; engage to in dialogue whilst keeping an open and fluid mind – because everyone can be right. Hearing what people are saying, acknowledging pain so it can be released (it’s the only way, energetically) and being willing to give a little so they can too for all to move forward just that one, small step. A massive reflection – or echo – in the Universal Heart of Truthful Desire. Of Peace. Simplicity. And Love. That’s all it is.

Decide it, and it is so. No question – this is strength of Spirit. You’ll then be given next steps.

In the world of Spirit, every darkness is a calling for Light. It’s the balance and for Life to know Itself as the axis in both poles.

Please be the Light that the world needs today and onwards.

Hold this strong and make this your Truth.

That’s All.

Thank you.

Love as always from Anna x

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