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5. Share Your Love. Layer Two. Strengthening Loved Ones Light Body

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In the second of the series of direct experience of Share Your Love, you take Layer One, Wisdom Healing Love for Yourself to the next level.

Doing this work, with such heart, is always sacred space, there’s always so much to teach, so much to share with you all, and healing through nature, healing nature is so beautiful too. Particularly at this time we’re watching our planet Earth heal.

You extend your connection with the Five Elements, All That Is Nature all around you, in you. You remain your personal Tree energy, that symbolises growth. And by calling forth energetically your loved ones, you realise how deeply interconnected you are at root level.

From this space you strengthen their energy too, through and of your now-already-strengthened Light.

Beautiful, simple and precise, your connection with Mother Nature and Mother Earth becomes more defined and anchored.

Experience The Power of Group Healings

Techniques that will establish a pure connection with your inner self and receive loving support, powerful protection, effective healing and intuitive guidance.
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