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4. Share Your Love. Layer One. Wisdom Healing Love for Self

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We are in a time of Evolution. For so long so many have lived out of harmony with our Earth, Nature and all that is the community of Life. Simple truth is that disharmony of any sort creates dis-stress and dis-ease in your body, and we are seeing results of this now.

There’s been a lot happening around you, and I’m sure a lot happening within you too.

With structure breaking down, the only thing you can do is to manage your response. A time to look for solutions and ways to take control of things you can.

In practice today, together:

  • you will clear inner space and be guided to touch the void where everything is possible and make what matters really matter
  • find peace within, therefore inner strength
  • hold space of sacred unity of the highest frequency to protect you and the collective on multiple layers
  • Take the energy to heal humanity and sacred Earth and reconnect to her energy

You are here, now in service to extended community:

  • to yourself
  • through you to your loved ones
  • through you all to the nature of Earth

Now is the time to be your Love and Share your Love within community.

Experience The Power of Group Healings

Techniques that will establish a pure connection with your inner self and receive loving support, powerful protection, effective healing and intuitive guidance.
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