Life Strategy. Importance of Protective Energy. It’s a Discipline.

If you’ve read my article on working in Japan and my experience there with eyeballing darker energy, and you’ve also read Mary Page’s on her own experience with the shadow, you’ll know how important it is to keep yourself  energetically protected. When we work with energy, most of this invisible and the old cliche that ‘there’s more to life than meets the eye’ is more than ever valid here.

All energy is invisible, unless it has crossed over the line to become material. In that case, it’s important to know how to read the space between the material. And within this space, and the many spaces therein, do different aspects of light and dark reside.

Please note I’m not saying ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ because if you understand pure energy, you will also know that energy just ‘is’ and our experience devolves from our relationship with and understanding of it. ‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ only exist when we the people confer our own understanding of structure, in many instances cultural morality, onto what is really only the ‘is-ness’ of life. Spirit, which is freedom itself, becomes encumbered by morality and Spirituality becomes yet another set of rules overlaid on all the others….

So energy is energy is energy is energy. And as we step out into Life – indeed, we are life itself – it is important to step out with some sort of protection that acts as a sheath on your own, so that whilst your wonderful own energy can still shine through, others’, perhaps less light than your own, or definitely with their own agenda, cannot get in. Doing this regularly is making a practice of it and in time your energy body becomes more strong, you become more objective and also more assertive.

When many of my students tell me stories of this and that experience, all interesting, my first question often in response is “Did you have your shields up.” And then the inevitable second question following immediately after, “And why not?”

Putting your shields up every morning needs to be given the same priority as getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, it will then become automatic. And having the presence to reinforce them whenever you’re facing difficult situation – or psychic attacks – is not just a discipline, it’s a responsibility. For me, I have a reminder set on my phone for 8am every morning – that works for me. What would work best for you?

By the way, a psychic attack from a human is nothing more than someone sending loads of intense emotional energy your way. It’s not yours, so why take it on?

Here are two great practices to start you on your way, one for yourself and the other for your home and family! Enjoy!

Protecting Yourself >> Click here to practice

Placing >> Protective Energy around your home

Why don’t you practice both and see what happens – and let me know how you get on!

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