Everyone Feels Energy. It’s How You Interpret It That’s Important

Profile. Everyone Feels Energy. It’s How You Interpret It That’s Important

How much do you feel energy?
I would imagine, quite a lot.
Trained in intuition, or not, everyone feels energy.
It’s how you interpret it that’s important.

Oftentimes, in every situation, we read energy, it’s a sense that we know, inside. Everyone does.
You read energy and then the words that people speak comes afterwards – just a nano second.
Sometimes, what people say and the energy they exude are harmonious.
So everything flows, easily. At deeper level, you see, it’s all congruent.

Oftentimes, it is not.

And then you have a sense of unease.
And this blocks your thought process, because you’re scanning withing to try to find out the reason why.
This causes anxiety.
Which builds up.

When you’re in any kind of situation, you need to have trust. And a deliberation in the words that you choose.
This is the meaning of the Power of the Word, expressed.

Your words are who you are.
They can be immensely nurturing, and too they can be immensely destructive.
We’ve all felt both.

Many people use their words as armour. Also, as weapons.
You know – because you feel – that deep inside they have a heart of gold.
But their defensive energy – and oftentimes too offensive words – make them seem otherwise.

After a while, you get tired of it.
And so you start to withdraw your own energy because ….. you know ……. you’re tired of all the drama.
In turn, this makes your own energy become contracted.

And love then becomes conditional.

How to evolve this?

First step is to know what it is that you’re dealing with. Then you can respond.
This is known as the inbreath and the outbreath.

You know, anyway, because you feel it.
You put this into words – your own words.
You then take the victimhood out of it.
And you exercise your right to choice.

Everyone then moves forward.

By communicating where you stand, and what you will stand, is often the opening of a pathway to freedom.
You stay in your love, then, more often than not.
You hold the situation. And you continue to feel well.
Because you will have moved beyond the challenge of holding your emotions pent up inside of you.

Try it, and see.

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