Bringing Joy to Your Inner Heart

Most people confuse Joy and Happiness.

Joy that is taught by Spirit through me, is a space of peace and silence. Happiness is an emotional response to an external factor.

Joy and Peace are the same thing.

You have to be willing to release all the external construct. The practice to come into Joy doesn’t mean doing nothing, it means being nothing inside, whilst you go out and do all the expected festivities, being One with yourself and One with your inner universe.

And then you can experience, or you do experience some wonderful things together, because you have no expectation of anyone else.

It’s not that when you are in silence, you do nothing, or you be nothing. In fact, quite the opposite. You can experience so many different layers of so many different things. But most of all, when you’re in that space, you can feel the Love, you’re not doing the Love because doing the Love always falls short of what you desire.

The key is to recognise that nothing really matters unless we make it matter. The key also is not to require other people, to be what we think they should be and do.  Leave other people free to be themselves. This way, we are focusing on ourselves being in our own energy and being in our own Love.

How would that change the external experience?

Not just at festivals, but of daily life? If we then focused on the energy of having fun, and not put so much effort into taking things so seriously, but to say okay, how can we have a bit of light heartedness?

Light heartedness is the light in our heart. It’s a completely different way of looking at life.

Look to see something new today.


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