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6. Share Your Love. Layer Three. Healing Earth

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In this closing layer for this beautiful series, you explore your connection with the Earth.

You come from the Earth and you return to the Earth. In meanwhile, you live our lives on Earth. In Nature and the Nature of All That Is.

So many of you love nature. You love being by the sea, the mountains, flowers, gardens – any and everything.

You’ve seen recently how our Earth has been struggling. So many things have happened over the years – earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanos. You name it, it’s happened.

Now that you’ve cleared your own inner space and strengthened the energy body of your loved ones, it’s time to reconnect, rebalance with Nature, by conciously becoming One again with her energy. And when the body of our Earth is rebalanced, so is yours and that of your Loved Ones. In short, as you heal, Earth heals. And vice versa.

Please come together again with Anna Hughes and a community of seekers around the world to share this love with your loved ones.


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