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2. Practice on All That Is Peace, Harmony & Love

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Come together to move energy from Inner Space to Outer Space.

In this series of practices you have the context of Space against that of Nothingness. Here is the freedom space, and in the matter of the Mind and the Mind of the Matter, you are directing the energy. You feel the energy around you of such openess, here and now you also connect with the space where doctrine becomes dogma.

This is where the Mind becomes rigid, and seeks to by sheer force of Will to bring everyone into this narrow space.

Experience what a closed mind feels to you when your Mind is at this moment free. And a closed mind too requires others to bend to its will. This is the beginning of Conflict.

It’s a sense, a non-sense yet it’s where people are.

When you touch this energy in order to know it, you are giving yourself a choice to step away from it.

As as you do, you extend this Knowing to others to do so too.

This series of Freedom Practices is designed to keep you in your own relative space. Stay clear, stay free. As such, here is your ability not just to walk away from conflict, you are at the beginnings of healing it too.

Breathe into this, allow your mind to open and more than anything trust All that your Guidance has given you. Use this to open inner space, energy can then flow more easily for and within you to share with others in different, oftentimes too more difficult circumstance.

And know that All is well.

By engaging regularly, you deepen your integration of this practice. Of Love. As you know, each time you do this you allow Love to express more fully. Build energy more into form of Love of Service, and Service of Love, both to Earth and all who live on her.


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