Sacred Women Moon Circle

Sacred Woman Moon explores the esoteric and mystical nature of relationship, family, healing and nature, an inter-connection of All That Is; a shared learning and applied wisdom of the female aspect of Spirit in daily life. By embracing in totality all aspects of your female material Being, you start to weave magic into your world.




Thank you for your interest in joining our wonderful Sacred Women Moon Circle.

Together we’ll direct mystical experiences through moon time and connect together with Divine Mother. Bring more Space where loving energy can flow into your life, to benefit others as well as yourself. A place for feminine expression, with love as the starting point.

So if you want to retreat regularly into Sacred Space release old energy your body has carried (that makes you tired) and prepare for reconnection to Earth Mother’s abundance and fertility, renewal and restrengthen every Moon space, then this “Sacred Women Moon Circle” is for you.

The feminine aspect of Spirit is your core and the inner goddess – your mystical self – lights up your humanity.

It’s a private community, engaging in the “short and powerful” guided practices for each moon phase, and an online gathering during the monthly moon cycle, teachings and experiential exercises delivered by Anna Hughes using advanced internet technology from the Anna Hughes website.

Here is everything that you’ll receive in the Sacred Women Moon Circle:

“short and powerful” guided practices for the three weekly moon phases;

Exclusive access to the LIVE online gathering during the monthly moon cycle so you experience a deep sense of greater love, joy, peace and compassion with real-time support and guidance as you integrate these practices;

Teachings and experiential exercises delivered by Anna Hughes for self empowerment in the Light of Spirit;

Exclusive access to the released practices;

Private discussion forum – allowing you to share your insights and receive support from others on the same path;

You will experience more clarity about what fills you with joy, in relationship with nature’s bounty of taste, sounds, light, vibration, elements – and your ability to communicate this to your family and other networks – is both your rebirth and ascension to the dynamic interpretation and communication of higher realms.

Now, you are warmly invited to join together in the Sacred Women Moon Circle, touch each woman’s wisdom, make magic together with your own wisdom, all connected with sacred space bound by moon energy and nature energy too.

To join us, together:

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Join The Sacred Women Moon Circle


Click this button for Annual payments of US$ 740 (saving of $148) to

Join The Sacred Women Moon Circle

Looking forward very much to support & seeing you on the upcoming Live Gathering online.

With love, always.

Anna xxx

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