Circle Of Healing

In our world, that of Inspiration, lived, healing is an everyday occurrance.

The energy that heals best – in fact, the ONLY energy that heals, permanently – is Love. It is the highest frequency in the universe and by holding strong love, unconditionally, miracles often occur.

At the very least, Love returns to Life, assists the inner – or energetic body – to open up much like a flower, and release whatever “it” is that is causing a blockage, and therefore pain or loss (wellness, health) of any sort.




Together in these powerful group healings, you will be using techniques that will establish a pure connection with your inner self and receive loving support, powerful protection, effective healing and intuitive guidance.

  • You will be breathing in light energy of divine love and divine wisdom, instantly releasing and transforming old energies.
  • Expand yourself with life force energy to become stronger, lighter and healthier.
  • Recharge your entire physical body with healing energy and shift any part of your body towards a path of rapid self-healing and rejuvenation.

Experience live group monthly healings with Anna Hughes, together we magnify Spiritual intent.

  1. Stepping into this sacred space to receive direct experience from The Masters of healing Love that
  2. Returns your inner heart into gentle nurture of inner peace, balance and self-love
  3. Boosts your life force energy to become stronger, lighter and healthier;
  4. Opens you to sharing your healing potential with any loved ones, family and friends who might be suffering.

Have instant & on-demand healing, a healing chamber with a collection of practices that will help you release, clear, overcome and free yourself from an unpleasant emotional, mental or physical challenge or condition that’s draining your energy and vital life force.

Compliment your doctor’s medical advice with your body’s energy systems so you can live longer, enjoy more vitality and experience great mind-body connection.

Master your energetic charge and start living a life of emotional balance, rapid self-healing, vital health and fulfilling relationships.

Now, you are warmly invited to join together in the Circle Of Healing.

To join us, together:

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Looking forward very much to support & seeing you on the upcoming Live Healing online.

We love you, we honor you.

Anna x

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