Being Heard. Creating Joy Filled Interactions by Listening

Being Heard. Creating Joy Filled Interactions by Listening

We all have issues about being heard. It’s one of the pains of human existence.

Here’s a question for you though.

How much do you listen?

Truly listen?

In these days of most people communicate through their smart phones, with abbreviated words, how much do we value actually listening?

Just a question.

Do you listen to really hear what the other is really saying?

Or do you jump to quick conclusions, based on memories and thoughtforms from previous conversations.

Think about it.

Here’s another question too!

Do you allow the other to finish what they are saying, listening intently all the time? Or do you put words in their mouth? Even, interrupt (often) before they finish.

And the other?

How much do they talk? Perhaps too…….. drone on? About what? The same things, all the time?

Do your interactions – business meetings, family conversations – go around in circles therefore?

You add in the words of assumptions, you have a bit of alphabet soup there in your conversations.

Perhaps spend a few moments and have a little conversation with yourself about these themes!

It can be eye opening (or, ear opening).

By catching yourself repeat the same themes (perhaps too that victim theme rears its head again…..)….. you can save yourself a little space.

Allow yourself to expand into it.

By holding the energy of each conversation with focus and intent, you will find that you’re more able to make these more precise.

By listening well, the counterpart energy is that you too, will be heard.

It’s as simple as that.

And all your interactions become much more enjoyable from this point.

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