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9. The Healing Power of Love

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We all have an enormous capacity within the body to hold large amounts of pain, both physical and emotional and we have been taught over the years to swallow this pain, rather than to sit in it and release from within.

As well as our own emotions, often in life we sit in other people’s emotions, pain and thought forms. There is so much going on in the external environment and unless there are strong boundaries these emotions are swallowed within and stored somewhere within the body as pain or dis-ease.

We all have the power the heal and the energy that heals permanently is the Energy of Love. It is the highest frequency in the universe and by holding strong love, unconditionally, miracles often occur.

Feel how you feel you Love.

In this Practice we use intuition to feel and learn how to release the tightness or energy blocks that sit within areas of your body and return you to the space and place of Love.

Love is Who You Are and All That Is.

Experience The Power of Group Healings

Techniques that will establish a pure connection with your inner self and receive loving support, powerful protection, effective healing and intuitive guidance.
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