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3. Look Forward With More Focused (Inner) Eye

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Always a good practice to do to look forward with inner eye to what’s coming!

A reflection of experiences both light and dark give you great insight and understanding of your Life journey in context, from this you derive your inspiration, release often self-imposed limitation. Stand in your Light – the Light of who you Be.

You are then more able to express this in ways both Spirit and Human, And love this and all others around you too.
Inner strength is reset and direction for next year confirmed. We call this “The Wisdom Way”.

Short and powerful, that can be repeated several times so it comes from the depths of your being and builds energy – yours, in effect.

Get ready to meet new excitements – in all shapes and forms – as energy continues to move forward for you on your Life Journey.

As in your inner world there is no time, only rhythm, it’s an excellent practice to do this many times, whenever you feel the inner call. Helps to lesson any concerns as you see your way forward more deliberately, in partnership led by your inner eye and in partnership with your Mind.


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