Protect Yourself Energetically – Five Consults (duration 40 mins)




Together with Anna Hughes privately, through five 40 minute consults (by online web-meeting) to:

Release any fear and despair around these challenging times and you to receive a divine healing for yourself and bring peace to your heart;
We will clear and release of stagnant energies that cause you any distressing and discouraging emotions and negative states and banish them away from your body, mind, emotions and energy field.

Activate a powerful vortex to create a divine health protection shield in your field to harmonise any distortions that can disrupt your ultimate health;
Clearing your field from all the distortions that disrupt your divine health and create a divine health protection shield for the highest good of your being.
We will utilize the potent energy grids of the highest light and vibration to activate and install them in your material body, you will be invoking your unique divine guidance.
Together connecting with the unique crystalline center of the vortex through your heart to create and amplify the collective shield.
You will tune into your personal field to detect all inversions and implants within the field that’s aren’t in alignment with your divine health and from that space of total awareness, you will clear and dissolve all distortions out of your personal field.
Together we will be shifting all the underlying distortions, importing the ultimate health protection of the highest frequency to protect you and planet earth on multiple layers.

Heal and strengthen your physical body;
Anna will guide you through a process to receiving divine healing and raising your immunity with powerful healing immersing your systems with the highest frequency of divine health and store them in your body that will raise your immunity and protect it against harmful intrusions on a physical, emotional and energetic levels.

Special Bonus: Includes one year’s access to the Circle of Healing (value: US$ 740):

  • Together in these powerful group healings, you will be using techniques that will establish a pure connection with your inner self and receive loving support, powerful protection, effective healing and intuitive guidance.
  • You will be breathing in light energy of divine love and divine wisdom, instantly releasing and transforming old energies.
    Expand yourself with life force energy to become stronger, lighter and healthier.
    Recharge your entire physical body with healing energy and shift any part of your body towards a path of rapid self-healing and rejuvenation.
    Now you are invited to experience the power of Energy Healing to protect yourself energetically from external triggers that deplete your life force, cause stress & lower your immunity.

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