Live In Love. Stepping In


A beautiful heartfelt inner exploration of every woman’s heart. Holding Strong Love, Light and Inspiration in Challenging Times. After a tumultuous period, it’s now time to refresh Inspiration, reset yourself with value for New Life.

This five week sacred journey takes you on a journey of reconnecting with your inner self, so important today, to rediscover who you are – now – in Wisdom Light.

And from this space you release all that negative energy around you (in you too), get yourself back into clear space. Yours.

Heal and release residual conflict to-within-from you. Know you are truly enough. Feel heard – by yourself, thence to know what you want as your next tangible steps. And always surrounded and immersed with the Love that you are.





Love that you’re here, now, away from current chaotic world. Into an inner world of magic, or a magical inner world. Where people are kind, in love, live well and intend with value and purpose. That reflects you, truly.

Step into your power, into that  life you love, with your Wisdom Light as compass & guide.

Know that you are making right choices for necessary change in this New Era. Everything clear and one in Love, that heart of your core that is also the core of your inner heart. Conflict healed to live in accordance with your karmic journey in natural right order.

And feel Loved, always by Self. Therefore fulfilled Supported. Heard. Back into your strength by seeing and experiencing yourself differently.

And your external world starts to fall into this re-created Space.

How would your life change, if you had the freedom to shape your world to fulfill your deepest desires?

Imagine what it would feel like to live, love, work and play from a place of true power — the power to bring your most radiant visions to life, in every aspect of your life. The power to create a more beautiful, joyful world.

Details for this Immersion into Wise Woman Wisdom:

You’ll access the immersion (digitally) immediately to Activate Your Divine Feminine : strengthen your highest creativity, transformative power, allowing in higher streams of energy and consciousness. Together in a five week journey, you will have immediate digital access to the ascension codes that too have served woman of spirit just like you, to embody upon within your sacred space, your retreat, anytime, any place, your time for expansion.

Each week, we’ll be together, work intimately together to help you grow into your strength, power, vision and Wisdom Light. I’ll share with you the practices that have served my clients for over 40 years to help you embody your inner crystalline energy, your wisdom light, discernment and creative heart, and accomplish results that go far beyond what you can imagine.

Week 1 – Loving Life, Loving Self. Setting The Energy of Clear Wisdom Space.
Week 2 – Clear Sight. Self Determination in Taking That Next Important Step.
Week 3 – Loving Heart. Hurting and Healing. Clear Relationships is All That Is
Week 4 – Amazing Grace. Balancing That Clear Life of Creativity, Value and Purpose
Week 5 – Independence is Clear Heart. Focus on the Wisdom Way for Freedom, Ongoing Joy. And Love. Always Love.

Upon your completion of this Immersion, privately to further enhance your experience, a conversation 1:1 consult with Anna Hughes to embody your Higher Self on a physical level. This will be mutually scheduled at a time within one month of the final week 5.

As we step together into this immersion “Live In Love”, I’m filled with gratitude for the courageous, generous, creative Women to unlock their power. And for those of you who are about to unfold your own vibrant energy source and Wisdom Light that support you in shaping a world that works for everyone.

Delighted for you that you are one of these.

This is where together we can truly support you.

We begin together here and now – see you!

I wish you clarity, discernment and abiding peace.

And Love, of course! Always love.

Anna x

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