Healing Mother Earth. Living in Harmony with Nature

Earth Mother has called you now to step into the Light of Who You Are and All That Is.

Healing Earth starts with a communication with Mother Nature, to know her needs and to see your reflection within the space of inter-connectedness of All Life. A web of energy, finer than light, even though it is light.

We cannot heal Mother Earth if we do not love ourselves. It’s the authenticity of love that heals as then the light is able to shine through. Unimpeded. No blocks. And you cannot heal, at any level, if you do not love.

This immersion will guide you to regularly connect with the energy of Earth Mother.

Healing is always two ways, giving and receiving.

When you are able to listen to hear, look to see and really feel her response, you will find that uplifting change happens within you and then through you to others.




Healing Mother Earth is about deepening your connection with the Earth and having an ongoing conversation with Mother Nature, as we seek to collectively heal not only ourselves but also our sustaining Earth which is undergoing a consciousness shift right now.

Spirit is calling us as Sacred Women to look at All That Is Nature – Mother Nature, Mother Earth, look at it and say “let us live more in balance and harmony, particularly with the seasons. Let us live as caretakers of this planet not as those who believe they are entitled to whatever they chose then the changes that we are now in will not be so devastating as if – when – we continue to live, as many do, in gross entitlement.”

Many people in our world live as if the Earth is their playground, and they can do whatever they want, when they want. And not have to even think about the consequences.

These teachings and practices are designed to build your Wisdom Body, continuously define your life in this context and create an awareness that without compassion, without kindness, all that has been created can be lost.

We are working with the Spirit of Earth Mother to recognise that shifts and changes have occurred on our planet, and we are looking at what can be done at a practical level to facilitate the impact and to mitigate some of the consequences.

In This Four-Week Opening Online Gathering Series together, you will:

  • Align, recalibrate and tune your intuition with Earth Mother;
  • Step out with courage, to progress pass your comfort zones;
  • Build a trust in your Soul, connect to and live your Truth;
  • Remember at all times that you are One with Divinity;
  • Be guided by the sacred light of new moon energy;
  • Learn to interpret the symbols of Mother Nature and understand the nuances of these.

Many different layers here for you to explore and to heal when you feel something does not ring true.

Now, let’s step forward together in concert with sacred Earth Mother.

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