Ascendant Collective. Unconditional Love in Motion

Join Anna and The Nazareine in this unique Masterclass, Unconditional Love in Motion, a series of four Ascendant Collective Wisdom Meditation Practices that uplifts Love back into the world and wholeness back into community.

Contribute to restoring global harmony on planet Earth and humanity from this moment in our time, from escalated conflict, social, political, financial, and environmental crisis that no longer serve our collective good, and more.

A wellness of New Order.




Working with Spiritual Mind together with Spiritual Heart.

Freeing your mind and amplifying the power of your soul with unprecedented connected-ness with Source and invigorate with Soul-speak to Soul-hear. This is your linear challenge that takes you into that space between the words.

Then Love becomes real, no longer an aspiration.

In This Four-Week Opening Online Gathering Series together, you will:

  • Receive and integrate the codes and frequencies for a deeper knowing;
  • Travel your inner cosmos and look to see what is (was) ‘normal’ and ‘physical’ with a different eye;
  • Connect further with your guidance to see new views and hold space for ‘New Thoughts’ to arise;
  • Align your personal energetic geometry to the New Light on Earth;
  • Distinguish between you and your ‘body’, the body of the cosmos and All That Is, and the nuances of shadow and light;
  • Serve humanity on a macro and micro level, see that on a Soul Level there is a wider picture being played out.

A soul to soul journey together as Children of The Nazareine. Children of The Nazareine Light.

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