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Raising Consciouness

A space for you here to work together regularly in Spirit with others of like-minded and like-hearted consideration. Spiritual union with valued intent now more than ever in the face of increasing darkness together to send the Energy of the Light of Peace, Harmony and Love to those enmeshed in conflict around the world.

Acknowledge, bridge pain. And rebuild where necessary. Love growing Love.

Your determined intent here is that valueless, thoughtless violence of any sort must stop. And in your own way and as your part in supporting the Peace Process, by the practice of sending your own strength as transference of spiritual energy – otherwise known as light – you play your part in lighting the Spirit of others to return to original Love and Harmony in community. Touch hearts with common purpose to heal and thence grow. Refresh and re-energise.

A Call from Spirit now to come together regularly. Network this Love around the world in the essence of “Where Thought Goes, Energy Follows. Immediately and Absolutely”.

And so it is.


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